Saturday, April 3, 2010

Silk Road Day 8: Xian

Today was my favourite bit of sightseeing so far. We saw the Terracotta Warriors. What an amazing sight.

Terracotta 02

Terracotta 04

Three huge excavation pits, and over 7,000 warriors inside. Archaeologists are still putting together the pieces and it is truly a wonderful spectacle.

Terracotta 01

Terracotta 05

The only downside was our local tourguide Jackie, who seems intent on telling us every single that has happened in China's history in the space of three days. She's exhausting. Sweet, but every now and then I want to tell her to shut up.

Terracotta 08

Terracotta 07

Lunch was at a Chinese restaurant (!) then on to the Banpo Neolithic Village Museum. Not really my cup of tea and hard to photograph as it was mostly piles of dirt with signs pointing to them saying "this is where the house was" but surely interesting to some.

Tonight we get to choose where to eat so we are having Australian steak from room service. No Chinese food for our meal! I went for a swim in the evening but there were too many kids so I only stayed half an hour. Oh well.

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The Army of Four said...

INCREDIBLE!!!!! That must have been an amazing sight!