Monday, April 5, 2010

Silk Road Day 10: Jiayuguan

Arrived this morning in Jiayuguan and went straight to the end of the Great Wall.

Jiayuaguan 03

Jiayuaguan 04

Bloody long climb straight up a vertical mountain but we made it to the top, as did most of the group, except Louis who is 85 and therefore excused :)

Jiayuaguan 05

Jiayuaguan 06

Jiayuaguan 07

Then off to the Jiayuguan Fort, which sits between two mountains and marks the end of the Great Wall.

Jiayuguan 10

Jiayuguan 08

There was a film crew there and they were offering the chance to shoot bow and arrows at a dummy in the courtyard so Kendall had a go, and managed to get one hit which was pretty impressive.

Jiayuguan 09

We then zoomed through the local museum. Dinner at the hotel which included a massive birthday cake for Kendall. Early to bed on beds which were so hard it was like sleeping on a table.

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The Army of Four said...

All right! Go Kendall!!!
That second to the last pic is GREAT!!!!!!!!