Thursday, April 1, 2010

Silk Road Day 6: Luoyang

This morning we visited the Longmen Caves, a series of more than 2,100 grottoes containing carved images of Buddha. Quite amazing but 10,000 carved images of Buddha are a lot to appreciate when you are not a Buddhist. Spent a pleasant two hours walking along the river and climbing various sets of steps to look at the carvings. Some of them were huge!

Luoyang 01

Luoyang 02

Gayle - our wonderful tour leader - had arranged for golf buggies to collect us at the end and ferry us back to our bus. Very civilised and being on tour with the oldies has its advantages.

Luoyang 04

Luoyang 06

After lunch - more Chinese food - we visited the Chariot Museum, a discovery that was made in 2002 when the city was excavating for their new city square. Very sad to see all the horses that were killed and buried with the chariots, all because some Emperor wanted them! On the train late in the day for dinner, and a late arrival into Xian where we are staying at the very lovely Sofitel Renmin Square.

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