Monday, January 18, 2010

Vanuatu part 2

Some photos of Yasur erupting.

Vanuatu 115

Vanuatu 101

Vanuatu 123

Vanuatu 142

Vanuatu 134

It was fairly amazing to be up close and personal with the volcano.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Vanuatu part 1

A few loyal readers said they would be keen to see some photos from our previous holidays, so I'm starting the Vanuatu collection now. We went specifically to see Yasur Volcano on the island of Tanna.

We stayed in a treehouse with no electricity or running water, lots of spiders (it's amazing I got any sleep, to be honest) and it was hot and humid. Oh, and it rained. A lot. We loved it.

This is the tree house:
Vanuatu 69

This is our view of the erupting volcano from the tree house:
Vanuatu 75

This is the volcanic plain, with Yasur in the background:
Vanuatu 7
That's all fine ash by the way, and we drove across it.