Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Silk Road Day 11: Dunhuang

We left Jiayuguan at the crack of dawn and took the train to Dunhuang. We went straight to the Singing Sand Dunes (noise made by the wind) where the majority of the group went on a camel ride. Other less adventurous souls took a golf buggy tour. Riding Bactrian camels is way more comfortable than riding Dromedary camels. Just an observation.

Dunhuang 01

Dunhuang 02

Then we climbed the sand dunes - I nearly died - and did a toboggan ride to the bottom. The near-death-inducing climb was totally worth it - it was awesome!

Dunhuang 03
See that tiny dot in the top right corner? That's where we climbed to, to do the toboggan run.

Tonight we went to dinner at the Silk Road Hotel where they put on a little show for us. The best part was the fireworks display, again all for our group. Once again we have two single beds which are as hard as tables but we're so exhausted from the sand dune climb we should fall asleep pretty quickly anyway.

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The Army of Four said...

That would be SO fun! (The toboggan part, anyway!)