Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Silk Road Day 12: Dunhuang

This morning we visited the Mogao Caves. They are a series of caves carved out of the cliffs and full of Buddha statues and lovely frescoes. You're not allowed to take pictures of them, however.

Dunhuang 04

After the Longmen Caves we were not so excited about seeing more Buddhas so we looked at the first couple and then went back to the car park to take more photos of the sand dunes.

Dunhuang 06

Dunhuang 05

We got back on the train last in the afternoon and after being organised enough to get some laundry done we went to the Bar Car for a drink, and never made it back. Oh, we did rush back to our cabin to put on our pyjamas for the pyjama party, which was great fun, and everyone thoroughly enjoyed Kendall's impersonation of Peter Allen singing I Go To Rio, complete with maracca action. It was a very late night and much alcohol was consumed.

Overnight on the train.

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The Army of Four said...

Love the colors in the desert pix.
Why no photos allowed in the Mogao Caves? Did they explain that?