Saturday, October 25, 2008

Day twenty three

Today we went to Grouse Mountain and the Capilano Suspension Bridge. This involved a long walk (a VERY long walk) down to the sea bus terminal (otherwise known as the ferry), then a ride across the bay, then a bus trip up the mountain. THEN we had to catch the skylift gondola thing up to the top. Actually that was pretty cool but it was so foggy we literally could not see three metres in front of us.

Anyway the whole point of going to Grouse Mountain was to see the grizzly bear refuge. There are two orphaned grizzly bears that live there together. And look, here they are! Grizzly bear butts!
I saw this chipmunk sitting on a tree trunk. Personally, I wouldn't have been in the bear enclosure but maybe that's just me.
Here the bear was posing for me...
And here comes the other one, not wanting to miss out on the action.
And now, for your entertainment, grizzly bear wars!
So Grouse Mountain was totally worth the hassle to get there. On the way back to the ferry we decided to get off the bus and visit the Capilano Suspension Bridge. After paying CA$31 (each - and that's about A$689 each) to get in, we walked over the bridge and were... disappointed. It was nothing to get excited about. But I got a couple of nice scenery shots.

The ride back was long and the walk back to our hotel was even longer. We went out for dinner and crashed again.

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