Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Day thirteen

We left Kamloops at the crack of dawn (okay so it was still dark) and began the journey to Banff. You can see in this photo that the temperature of the water in the ponds was warmer than the air, hence the steam. Yes that is steam.
Today we travelled through the Canadian Rockies proper. Every five minutes we'd round a corner and see some spectacular scenery. After a while it's hard to keep taking photos because it's ALL so good!

Random nice scenery shot: there are a lot of these things to see in the Rockies.
Snow! I'm trying to be arty by showing you this picture in black and white.

More lovely scenery...
The Christmas Card shots!

Arriving in Banff late in the day, and boy was it cold. We had to dig extra warm clothes out of our suitcase for the short wait to get a cab to our hotel.
We stayed at the Fox Hotel and Suites and it was just lovely! They gave us a suite which was even nicer, so we had a huge bedroom and separate lounge, two big screen TVs, a kitchen, the works. I would definitely go back there again. And the food in their restaurant was really good too.

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