Friday, October 17, 2008

Day fifteen

Still at Lake Louise today. We had to get moved to a different room because the thermostat in our room wasn't working properly and we were too hot - I was even starting to get a heat rash on my leg! Ironic when it's snowing outside. Anyway today they moved us to a very nice suite on the other side of the hotel so we have this view out our window now.
It alternated between rain and snow which means the rain washed away the snow. Very sad. We went for a walk along the lake in the morning and got these couple of shots, but it really started coming down so we went back inside.

I went and had a (VERY expensive) facial and massage at the hotel spa and the boy napped all afternoon. We had a very nice lunch in the Lounge with big picture windows looking out over the lake. Dinner was good, we played some pool (I didn't win) and all in all it's been a good stay at Lake Louise.

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