Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day five

San Francisco - today we took a helicopter flight over the city. We wanted to fly to the Napa Valley for a picnic lunch but they were booked out. Oh well. This is the helicopter we flew on. I don't know what model it is.
This is the view of South San Francisco as we took off from the airport. As you can see, it's the industrial side of the city.
This is what San Francisco looks like from the air. It's laid out in a grid pattern and it seems quite flat. The hilly parts you see in the movies are generally really close to the centre of town. The rest is flat and a bit boring.
Our pilot flew us over and under the Golden Gate Bridge. It was pretty awesome but also difficult to get a good photo! Here's one:
And here is a view of the Bay Bridge, which I think is just as nice as the Golden Gate Bridge but certainly not as famous. Perhaps they should paint it a brighter colour?

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