Sunday, October 12, 2008

Day ten

Seattle - Mount St Helens Tour! We left the hotel at 7.15am for the three hour drive to Mount St Helens National Park. We stopped on the way at a tiny place called Toledo (not where Klinger is from!) and had the best coffee of the whole holiday from a dirty service station.

We then went to the County Park to have our morning tea. While we were there these Canada Geese flew overhead.
This is what the park looked like:
This was one of our first views of Mount St Helens.
Here are some more shots:

This is a view of the river plain which was covered in many metres of ash and rock. The water is slowly carving another channel for itself.

And here are The Hummocks, a topographical feature caused by the ground swelling after the eruption.


Cyber-sibes said...

Wow, those are awesome shots! Especally the one with the clouds slipping over the mountain. I remember when it erupted - I think I still have a souvenir bar of soap made of St. Helen's ashes around here somewhere...

Annie said...

We go up to Oregon a couple times a year now that our son is living up there. Going on this tour in Washington is on my short list of things to do in the immediate future. Your pictures are truly exciting.