Monday, August 18, 2014

The Big Island

After Kauai, we flew to the Big Island for a few days at the Volcano House Hotel.  The best part about staying at this hotel is you are right on the rim of the Kilauea crater.  Which would have been much more exciting if it didn't pour with rain the whole time we were there.

But you can't control the weather so who cares?

Kilauea Crater 01

One night the rain stopped long enough for us to realise we could see the glow of the lava lake from our room, so we put our shoes on and rushed outside to get a photo (of sorts).

Kilauea Crater 04

We also did a boat trip around the island to see where the lava had been meeting the sea when it was flowing last year.  That was pretty cool and it stopped raining for an hour which made it much more enjoyable.

Lava Flow 01

Lava Flow 03

Here's one last shot of the crater with sulphur dioxide casually pouring out.

Kilauea Crater 03

After 12 days it was time to come home and that was a shock to the system; when we left Hawaii it was 30C and when we got home to Melbourne it was 5C.

All in all it was a good holiday.  Oh, and we flew Hawaiian Airlines.  Nothing to write home about.

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