Monday, October 19, 2015

Around Australia

In January (I know, so slack of me to wait until now to write about it) we went on a bit of a driving holiday along the east coast of Australia.  Our first stop was Mallacoota, which is a gorgeous corner of Victoria.

Mallacoota 01

The weather wasn't fantastic, but the beaches there are lovely. As we were leaving, we saw some kangaroos having a bad day:

Mallacoota 02

Our next stop was Batemans Bay in New South Wales. Again, the weather was not on our side for the first couple of days but once it cleared up, it was magnificent. The beach at Batehaven is just gorgeous.

BatemansBay 04

BatemansBay 05

Our next stop was Wollongong which also has a lovely beach:


And then we went to Sydney. We stayed at Bondi Beach, which is probably Australia's most famous beach. It is by no means the nicest, but it's still not bad. It gets extremely crowded on the weekends though:


We also visited Taronga Park Zoo, which has the nicest setting for a zoo, possibly in the entire world.

Sydney 02

Whilst at the zoo we stumbled upon the keepers feeding one of the sea lions so we stopped to watch.

Sydney 01

We drove home inland and stopped at the Three Sisters in the Blue Mountains, it is quite a spectacular sight:


We stopped in Parkes to see the CSIRO's radio telescope. The very exciting thing was we saw it being repositioned. It was VERY HOT in Parkes.

Parkes 01

We did stop in Yarrawonga for a night on the way home but that wasn't very exciting, more to just break up the long drive. There are so many gorgeous places to visit in Australia and we still have more to see!

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The Army of Four said...

Such beautiful photos! I LOVE the Three Sisters! Love the depth you were able to capture in the shot!