Friday, October 23, 2015

Switzerland Part 1

We spend three weeks in Switzerland during June/July, and had what we consider one of the best holidays we've ever been on.  We travelled by train right around the country, and it was magnificent. In a couple of posts you'll find a review of all the hotels we stayed in, so I won't bother telling you about that stuff now; just sit back and enjoy the scenery.

Our first stop was Lucerne.  I absolutely loved Lucerne; if someone told me I had to live in Switzerland this is the place I'd choose.  It is just beautiful.



The crying lion is a statue dedicated to Tuileries war heroes.  It is in a lovely little park.


We left Lucerne and went by train to Interlaken.  Switzerland is insanely pretty.


Interlaken is probably the most gorgeous town I've ever been to.  It is very clearly a tourist destination, but it's so pretty you just don't care.  You can see the Jungfrau from the main street:


And you can catch the train (actually three of them) right to the very top of the mighty Jungfrau.  Which you should absolutely do, as it is spectacular.



After leaving Interlaken our next stop was Montreux, which seems to be a whole other country half the time.  They speak French instead of German, it was STINKING HOT, and the mountains were not as big.  However, the lakes were still amazing.



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The Army of Four said...

After the mention of Montreux, I have Smoke on the Water stuck in my head, but that's OK. LOVE the photos! We spent a long weekend in Switzerland and it was wonderful!