Friday, September 20, 2013

Papua New Guinea part 5

We visited the Vitu Islands, and anchored inside the collapsed crater of an old volcano.  The people here had a small boat-building business.


We had planned to snorkel and see some of the underwater life but the locals told us a crocodile had been sighted that morning lurking about so it was decided that snorkelling would be just tempting fate. We rode around in the tenders instead.


The sides of the inlet were so steep!



It was another magnificent day althought overcast and extremely humid.

The next day we took a trip in the helicopter over Mt Uluwan, which as you can see is an active volcano.


We also flew over these waterfalls in the Nakanai Mountains, which are so remote that they don't even have a name.


We also took the tenders up the river and had a really good morning tea tied up under a large tree.

The next day we arrived in Kavieng and spent the morning sitting on the beach before heading to the airport and flying back to Australia. All in all it was a gorgeous trip and definitely a relatively safe way to see Papua New Guinea, which is usually getting in the news for all the wrong reasons. The staff onboard True North were wonderful and nothing was too much trouble. The chefs were tremendous and delivered five star meals every single day. It was a pleasure to travel on the True North, and I would highly recommend it if you ever get the chance.



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The Army of Four said...

That is so beautiful! Is a tender one of the little boats? If so, did you do anything to waterproof your camera? My birding buddy and I were considering renting a canoe or kayak to get to more remote areas of the lake/river pond area = only I have this vision of us tipping over and my camera sinking to the bottom. Any words of wisdom?