Friday, September 13, 2013

Papua New Guinea part 2

The next couple of days were spent cruising up the Sepik River.  The Sepik is 1,126km long and has a floodplain of up to 70kms across in the wet season.  It is the longest river in PNG.


Wherever we stopped on the river the locals would sail their boats (hollowed out logs, kayaks, bathtubs) out from their villages and come visit. We got a lot of fresh fish and fruit on board this way.


We bought some lovely artwork at this village, and the lady holding up the carving (which we bought) in this photo is the person who actually carved it. It depicts village life with the men fishing, the women working in the village and a crocodile lurking about, looking for dinner.


Our second day on the river, we visted another village and were welcomed with a huge Sing Sing.



We then took a long tride in the tenders to visit the stilt village on Lake Kambaraumba.



Judging from the looks on their faces, I don't think the two younger boys had ever seen white people before.


We then had a visit to a village with a special compound where the young men went to be initiated into the tribe. They spend three months there and have cuts made all down their backs and over the shoulders, made to resemble crocodiles. The cuts are stuffed with ash and mud and beaten with reeds daily to force the skin to raise permanently.



Women are normally not permitted but we also got special permission from the village chief to visit the Spirit House.


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