Saturday, August 20, 2011

Coopers Creek

Our next stop was Cooper Creek along the Birdsville Track.  The Birdsville Track is a dirt road that runs through central Australia and there are always MANY people in their four-wheel-drive vehicles driving along it.

This is the view from the Birdsville Track.

Coopers Creek 11

We landed at a private airstrip and took a bus to Coopers Creek, where we went on a boat cruise. The last time there was water in the creek was 1980. And now there are lakes and flooded areas everywhere you look.

Coopers Creek 02

Coopers Creek 03

Somehow, the birds seem to know when the water is there, and they all come flocking back for the season. I don't know what birds these all are (aside from the pelicans) but there were plenty to be seen.

Coopers Creek 09

Coopers Creek 10


When the Birdsville Track is flooded, as it is at the moment, cars are not permitted to drive down it but must detour and get ferried across the creek on the punt.

Coopers Creek 01

It's big enough to hold one car/4WD and a towed caravan or boat.

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