Saturday, August 20, 2011


Our next stop, and our overnight location was Birdsville.  Birdsville is an iconic outback Australian town in Queensland.  There isn't a lot there but they do have a racetrack and the Birdsville Races are held every year at the end of August.  The resident population of Birdsville is about 120 but more than 8,500 people came for the races two years ago.  Last year there were only 5,000 visitors for the races as the town was flooded and cut off by road - the only way in or out was by plane.

Birdsville 02
This is the Birdsville Hotel, the only pub and accommodation in town.

We stayed at the Birdsville Hotel for the night, and after making friends with the locals in the bar, had a thoroughly delicious dinner. The accommodation was surprisingly good and we slept very well.

Birdsville 03

The next morning we took a tour of the Birdsville Working Museum, which is possibly more famous for the character who runs it than the collection itself, and then we got back in the plane to head to our next destination.

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