Saturday, December 18, 2010

Indonesia, part 5

The other big activity we did was a helicopter flight over one of the volcanoes on Bali.

Our transport:

Helicopter 10

The village that has been established on the side of the volcano:

Helicopter 06

The site of the most recent lava flow - about 40 years ago:

Helicopter 07

Lava field, old caldera, caldera lake:

Helicopter 08

And a view from the helicopter of some rice paddies, which shows the amazing terracing they do on the hillsides.

If you ever go to Indonesia, and it is worth it, I recommend you pay attention to the weather.  We didn't and went in the wet season, which meant that although it was very warm - about 31C every day - it also poured with rain every single day.  Luckily all of our activities were in the morning and it rained mostly in the afternoon,  but when it rained, it RAINED.  As in, torrential downpours every single day.

You get used to that after a few days.


Kate said...

I guess that's why it's so green there. Were you scared in the helicopter? I always wanted to ride in one, but I think I might die of fright. The rice fields are so amazing. You have GREAT photographs to remember your trip by!

Margaret said...

What a wonderful trip! Thanks for posting all these great photos! Indonesia is very unique. Thanks for all the helpful hints.
Margaret (Mandu's mom)

▒▓█► JOTA ENE said...

Beautiful sequencial pictures !!!