Saturday, December 18, 2010

Indonesia, part 4

One of the activities we did whilst on Bali was visit the elephant sanctuary at Taro.  Most of the 30 elephants there have been rescued from unpleasant lives on Sumatra, and they come to Taro and live a lovely comfortable life.  The park offers elephant rides which we of course had to do.

Elephant 01

Is it just me or are elephants the happiest looking animals on earth?

Elephant 05

One of the babies born in March 2009:

Elephant 06

It was awesome fun and the elephants all look happy and healthy so if you ever get to Bali I highly recommend it.

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Kate said...

I love elephants. I also love the first picture where you can see the "mud line." I rode on an elephant once, thought it would be smooth, similar to riding a horse, but it was anything but. I love to see them though!!