Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Because our main aim in life is to always be planning or heading off on our next holiday, in five and a bit weeks we are going to Indonesia.

First, we are doing this tour to visit some volcanoes on the island of Java.  Totally not my cup of tea but the boy is a big fan of volcanoes so we will spend three days there.  The second day starts at 2.30am (!) so you can see the sunrise over Bromo.  Oh joy.

Then, my part of the holiday kicks in.  We are going to Bali to stay in Ubud, at Ubud Hanging Gardens resort.  Now THAT'S what I call a holiday!


The Army of Four said...

Now I have that "Bali High" song from South Pacific stuck in my head....
Did I tell you as a child I was tortured by having to watch musicals?
Sounds like an awesome trip!!!

Margaret said...

Looking forward to your trip!