Friday, July 16, 2010


I've just realised that although I posted about this on my own blog, I never mentioned our trip to Antarctica here. And since it was technically a holiday, albeit a very short one, it deserves its own post on my holiday blog.

So. In January we did a scenic flight over Antarctica. And it was wonderful. I had no idea I could get so many great photos from so far up. But I did.

Antarctica 17

The plane left from Sydney so we had to fly up there the day before, as we were expected at the airport at obscene o'clock (6am). We decided to go out for a nice dinner and went to Quay, which I can highly recommend if anyone is looking for somewhere special to eat in Sydney.

Then we got on our plane the next morning and set off. It took about four hours to reach the land mass of Antarctica, and we then flew around for another four hours, before heading back to Sydney.

Antarctica 12

Antarctica 01

Antarctica 14

It was awesome fun and I totally recommend you get there some day. I'd love to go by boat and be able to land but this was a great way to see lots and lots.

Antarctica 10

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Margaret said...

Tracey, these are great photos. You are so fortunate to live so close to Antarctica!
Margaret (Mandu's Mom)