Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Adapters. We need them. We have three cameras, three iPods, iPod speakers, two mobiles, and possibly a laptop. I'm still debating my hairdryer as I find hotel hairdryers to be CRAP!

Are American plugs and Canadian plugs the same? I should really find that out.

The boy still needs a suitcase.


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Bumpass Hounds said...

The Bumpass Hounds here to tell ya that there's not much difference between Canada and the US. The most notable differences are the use of the metric system in Canda (temperatures, speeds, distances etc); the U.S. tried to legislatively adopt the metric system in the 1970s but it was resoundingly NOT accepted by the population and has fell back into disuse. VCRs, DVD, iPOD sytems are common among both countire. Of course in Quebec there is the language thing in that a large portion of the population speaks French. The western provinces meld well with Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Montana and North Dakota.