Wednesday, July 9, 2008

One of the train trips

These are the places we'll be travelling through on the train from San Francisco to Seattle. Apparently its 23 hours and some minutes so it's a long trip. At least we don't have to drive!

. Emeryville, CA (EMY)
. Martinez, CA (MTZ)
. Davis, CA (DAV)
. Sacramento, CA (SAC)
. Klamath Falls, OR (KFS)
. Eugene, OR (EUG)
. Albany, OR (ALY)
. Salem, OR (SLM)
. Portland, OR (PDX)
. Vancouver, WA (VAN)
. Tacoma, WA (TAC)
. Seattle, WA (SEA)

And we'll get to see some of the country side, and not have to fly any domestic american airlines.

We'll be travelling on the 14 Coast Starlight route. Sounds cool, eh? I am not so sure about the millions of guidelines you have to follow but I'm positive it will be a good experience.

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