Monday, July 14, 2008

Itinerary Part 4

After we have spent two days at the Chateau Lake Louise, we'll be travelling to Calgary to get on a plane and fly to Winnipeg for the polar bear trip! This is the whole reason for this holiday. I am so excited about it. This is what we'll be doing on this trip:

Tundra Buggy Lodge Adventurer
Dates Oct 19, 2008 - Oct 22, 2008
Tundra Buggy Days 2
Lodging 3 nights Tundra Buggy Lodge
Average Day Temperature High/Low -1 ° C (31 ° F)/-7 ° C (20 ° F)

Sample Itinerary
Day 1
Early morning departure from Winnipeg. You'll have some free time in Churchill before being transferred to the Tundra Buggy Launch mid afternoon. Board the Tundra Buggy and begin the trek to the Lodge, meandering along the tundra. Providing opportunity to view, photograph, and learn about Polar Bears, other arctic wildlife and the environment. Arrive Tundra Buggy Lodge for your first overnight stay.

Day 2 - 3
After breakfast, depart the lodge by Buggy, spending the day on the tundra in search of wildlife. Overnight Tundra Buggy Lodge.

Day 3
After breakfast, depart the Lodge, spending the day on the tundra and returning to Launch for your return transfer to Churchill. Spend a short time in Churchill before being transfered to the airport for an evening departure back to Winnipeg.

Tundra Buggy Adventure
The best way to experience an intimate encounter with a wild polar bear is on an authentic Tundra Buggy. All of our Tundra Buggies are all furnished with dual-pane frost-free windows and contain propane heating systems that closely resemble a cozy fireplace, with real flame (behind glass). Each day, we depart early and board our world famous Tundra Buggies looking for polar bears and other wildlife out on the tundra. You will enjoy picnic style lunches and refreshments while you are bear watching.

Churchill and Area Tour
A guided bus tour of local and historical points of interest surrounding Churchill, including such attractions as Cape Merry, Port of Churchill and Manitoba Conservation's Polar Bear Holding Facility (weather permitting).

We've also included an optional helicopter flight over the tundra, during which we are guaranteed to see polar bears (or our money back). I'd rather see the polar bears!

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