Monday, November 2, 2015

A review of hotels in Switzerland

I mean, not all of them, obviously, but the ones we stayed in on our recent trip.

The Hotel, Lucerne

Overall: A very nice hotel, located in a quiet street across from a park but very close to everything.
The room: Small for a suite but not tiny.  Interesting ceiling with a still from a Fellini movie on it.
The service: Excellent.  Staff were lovely and always helpful.
The airconditioning: Not that good.  Struggled with the great European Heatwave of 2015.
The best thing: The breakfast was exceptional.  Restaurant and bar staff were a delight.
Would I stay there again:  Yes.

Victoria-Jungfrau Grand Hotel, Interlaken

Overall: Amazing hotel in an amazing location.
The room:  Lovely.  Decent size and a very big bathroom.
The service: Could not be faulted.  Everyone was excellent.
The airconditioning: Not fantastic as it turned off overnight.  Not that helpful during the great European Heatwave of 2015.
The best thing: Hard to pick one thing.  If you are looking for old world glamour without the stuffiness, the Victoria Jungfrau is pretty hard to beat.
Would I stay there again: In a heartbeat.

Royal Plaza, Montreux

Overall: May have once been a five star hotel but isn't any more.  The food in the restaurant was very good.
The room:  Spacious but decor not updated for a long time.
The service: Let's just say it's on the French side of Switzerland and leave it at that, shall we?
The airconditioning: Exceptional.  And thank goodness as it was about 34C every day.
The best thing: Location right on the lake was quite good.  Automated shade sails that extended over the balcony every day at just the right time were clever and useful.
Would I stay there again: Unlikely.

The Omnia, Zermatt

Overall: You would have to search very hard for a better hotel anywhere in Switzerland.  From the secret tunnel entrance, to the terrace bar looking up at the Matterhorn, this place is wonderful.
The room: Gorgeous.  Blonde woods and white walls, two bathrooms, very spacious.  Just about my favourite from the whole trip.
The service:  Faultless.  Every single staff member was wonderful.  The restaurant manager was practically our best friend by the time we left.
The airconditioning:  Non existent.  Thankfully Zermatt sits at an elevation of 1600m and it was therefore a lot cooler than the rest of the country during the great European Heatwave of 2015.
The best thing: The setting is spectacular.  But then again, everything about this hotel is wonderful.
Would I stay there again: I would move in if I could!

Kempinski Grand Hotel des bains, St Moritz

Overall: Lovely hotel.  St Moritz is not the most exciting town during summer but I'm betting in winter it is an amazing place to visit.
The room: Very nice indeed.  Spacious and well appointed.
The service: Don't think you could find nicer restaurant staff anywhere.
The airconditioning: Not bad but again, at altitude it's not so essential.
The best thing: The food in the restaurant and at breakfast was delicious.
Would I stay there again: Yes, especially to experience St Moritz in winter.

Hotel Belvedere, Bellagio (Italy)

Overall: If you complain about Lake Como there is something wrong with you.
The room: Very small but the bed was extremely comfortable.
The service: Very good.  Restaurant staff in particular were a delight.
The airconditioning:  Brilliant.  And just as well, as the temperature in Bellagio was 39C each day during our stay.
The best thing: Location at the top of the hill gave us some wonderful views.
Would I stay there again: Probably but I'd splash out on a bigger room.

Schweizerhof Hotel, Lucerne

Overall: An excellent location overlooking Lake Lucerne.  Service was a bit hit and miss.
The room:  Very nice.  And a universal power point provided!
The service: Average.  Disappointing really, for what could have been an exceptional hotel experience.
The airconditioning:  Very good.
The best thing: Handy location.  View across the lake was delightful.
Would I stay there again: No, I'd go back to The Hotel instead.

The Alden, Zurich

Overall: A wonderful hotel.  Absolutely loved it.
The room:  Spacious and wonderfully decorated, a homey feel to the luxury.
The service:  Could not complain.  Everyone was wonderful.
The airconditioning:  Brilliant, especially during the great European Heatwave of 2015.
The best thing: All the elements of the hotel combined to make it a tremendous experience overall.
Would I stay there again: Absolutely.

Armani Hotel Dubai

Overall: I am not sure it gets more glamorous than this hotel.
The room:  Excellent and spacious, with very comfortable furniture.
The service: Good but slightly impersonal.  Don't think I was allowed to open a single door for myself the whole time.
The airconditioning:  Brilliant.  They know how to do airconditioning in Dubai.
The best thing: The location in the Burj Khalifa (the tallest building in the world).  And if you're interested in that sort of thing, a secret entrance to the Dubai Mall which means you don't have to go outside in the scorching heat to go shopping.
Would I stay there again: Probably although there are so many hotels in Dubai it would take a long time to try them all for comparison.

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