Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New York

It's probably time that I told you all about our recent trip to New York.  We visited in late September and spent a week there, seeing the sights, meeting up with Facebook friends, shopping, and generally having a wonderful time.  Here are a few highlights.

The view from our hotel window at sunset... that's the Flatiron Building in the middle.

Financial District and the Freedom Tower, with Statue of Liberty in the foreground. Taken from a helicopter which was an AWESOME way to see the city.

Central Park.

The city from the Empire State Building at dusk. It's touristy but totally worth it. And if you buy the express tickets you never have to wait in line. My kind of deal!

The Chrysler Building. Yes, we saw all the iconic things.

We went to the Intrepid Museum, which was really good. They have lots of planes, Concorde, the space shuttle Enterprise, USS Growler submarine, and the aircraft carrier Intrepid. Very interesting and well worth the visit.


The Army of Four said...

Very cool. I haven't been to NYC since my senior year of college, for a job interview.

angelica hinterberg said...

Beautiful shots. I'll be fulfilling one of my dreams next summer and finally visit the Big Apple. Looking very much forward to it and can't wait. I normally book through http://reservationcounter.com/. Is there maybe a better site (with better prices) that I might not be aware of?