Sunday, March 18, 2012

Eastern and Oriental Express Part 2 - Malaysia

After crossing the border into Malaysia nothing really changed, although the scenery was a little different, as there are a lot of palm oil plantations everywhere. Pretty much as far as the eye could see, in fact.

Our stop in Malaysia was at Butterworth Railway station, where we boarded a bus for the short drive to Penang Island.

We were supposed to go on a trishaw ride through Penang to the Eastern and Oriental Hotel, but our driver looked like he might have been a heroin addict and soon lost the rest of the crowd. We ended up making him stop so we could get out and walk. Luckily we found one of the train passengers who told us where the hotel was so we could meet up with the rest of the group.

16 Train Penang

18 Train Penang

We got back on the train late in the day. The most exciting thing that happened that day was an emergency stop by the train - we were having lunch and one of the waiters yelled out "hold your glasses" so we all grabbed our glasses and only one person spilt theirs as the train ground to a halt in a very short time. We had to get a replacement engine as ours had blown a gasket and kept overheating. It was quite exciting.

By the way, on the Eastern and Oriental Express you get silver service tea sets and cutlery, heavy crystal glassware and fine bone china crockery. No plastic to be seen!

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