Wednesday, March 4, 2009


This morning we sadly left the Hapuku Lodge, headed for Nelson. We decided to go to Picton on the way, only to discover it wasn't on the way at all, and we had to drive back to Blenheim to then get to Nelson. But we drove through the Malborough wine region which was just lovely. I even recognised some of the winery names.

Picton was lovely, but quite small. We headed on to Nelson, to find our next accommodation, the Honest Lawyer.

I did not enjoy Nelson in the slightest. I was navigating with a very bad map (we'd stopped at the visitor centre in town to try and find the way to our accommodation) and I managed to get us lost. For the first time, I might add. The boy got annoyed with me and told me I clearly couldn't read a map, so I threw it at him and told him to read the effing map himself. He then got us lost twice more. I was getting sick of going around in circles so I took the map back and found the way.

We didn't think much of the Honest Lawyer, to be honest. It was one of those Olde Worlde type places, which I don't like at the best of times. And we'd booked the Rose Cottage, but when we got there they told us it had sprung a leak and had moved us to the honeymoon suite.

Pffft, honeymoon suite my ass. It was the smalled, darkest, pokiest room I've stayed in in a long time. Seeing the look on my face, the boy offered to go find some other accommodation but I couldn't be bothered. So I sat in the beer garden and read my book while he went off to find some chocolate to placate me. No room service or mini bar, you see. The food from the bar wasn't too bad though.

We left as early as possible the next morning and headed to Punakaiki.

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pughy said...

You will have ime for a quick look around, you may find untold treasures. Enjoy GJ xx