Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What I've found out

Yes, Canadian and American plugs are the same. No, we have not bought any adapters yet. Also: we have not bought the boy's suitcase yet. I am wondering if I need another pair of gloves.

Three weeks and three days to go. I can barely concentrate on work now. I just want to get on the plane!

Oh, I've decided to get another lens for my camera. A bigger telephoto zoom lens. So I can zoom in closer to the polar bears.

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Bumpass Hounds said...

The Bumpass Hounds again,
Our Dad lived in Washington State (Whidbey Island) for a very long time. The climate in and around the Puget Sound area (west of the Cascade Mountain Range) is moderate but WET. One blue sky sunny day is worth 5 gray wet days. Lumberjack/logger clothing is practical in the Pacific Northwest. Gloves should be waterproof when when practical or wool for warmth. If your bringing along hiking boots, waterproof them before you leave just in case.